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PolyTapes in-house development, production and quality control represent a seamless chain, which guarantees the best possible solutions. In the "weather chamber" we can simulate environmental influences at an accelerated speed. The results provide us with information regarding the quality of the films and how they behave in the long term. As such, we can guarantee reliable surface protection and the problem-free removal of the film once it has fulfilled its purpose.

Our in-house weather chamber enables the assessment of the specific films. This ensures that we - and you - know how the film will behave in the future.

Quality management

Our quality management team monitors the consistently high quality of our products.


Using various procedures, a team of specialists monitors the exceptional properties of the PolyTapes surface-protection films.


The certificate can be found here, as a PDF file:



it is not without reason that we have it in capital letters

MBT PolyTapes value:


  • environmentally-friendly production procedures
  • solvent recovery
  • the avoidance of pollutant emissions
  • the recyclability of our polyethylene (PE) films


Once the protective films have fulfilled their purpose, they can be recycled and disposed of. All MBT PolyTapes films can thus bear the LDPE recycling symbol.

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