Modern production and technology know-how

PolyTapes develops optimised, tailor-made solutions for your applications and processing tasks.

We have implemented the following among other things:

  • High-quality multilayer film extrusion
  • In-house glue production
  • Precise winding and sawing fixtures
  • The latest coating processes
  • Variety of packaging
  • Quality management

Multilayer film extrusion

Coex films (3-layer films), 30 my to 120 my film thickness
Film width: Max. 2,400 mm

In-house glue production

Adhesives based on natural rubber and water-based acrylate glue

Coating width: Max. 2,150 mm

Precise winding and sawing fixtures

Film width: 10 mm to 2,150 mm

Roll length: 100 m to 5,000 m

Modern printing process

Print width: Max. 1,600 mm (up to 3 colours, up to 6 colours possible on request)

Composite film printing (abrasion-resistant, no “ghost printing”)

In-house laboratory

Ongoing quality control

New developments